Cartoon Casual Episode 006

February 15, 2017 @ 12:00 am

This episode is all over the place.  Topics include:

Airplane glue, Pussy Riot, Trump (we TOTALLY got this wrong), Inuit, Eskimo Pie, Gay Marriage, Tawana Bradley, History of Marriage, Totems vs. Modems, Church Tax Exemption, Touchdown/Foot Long Jesus, David Snelling, Hell's Thermodynamics, Good and Bad Popes, Pope Shoes, Pope Francis Drives Rt. 66, "Discovering" America, Eddie Aikau, Surfing, White Guilt, White Slavery, 1947 Conspiracy Theories, Racist Aliens, W.R. Hearst, Devil's Cabbage, Bell Labs, Shockley, Wilco, The Velvet Underground, Wright Brothers' Affinity for North Carolina BBQ, and Paul gets a text from a number he does not recognize.  

Executive Produced by Cyrus Poe 

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